Pre - tenancy application form

Please complete this form to apply for the tenancy at the address below. The information you provide is for applying for this tenancy and may be used for a credit and reference check. Your privacy is protected under the Privacy Act 1993.

Tenancy Details

Applicant Details

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ID Verification Details

  • Photo ID such as your driving licence or passport.

  • E.g. Utility Bill (gas, water, electric).

  • E.g. bank statement, wage slip.


  • Address, Town or City, County, Postcode.

Section A

  • Address, Town or City, County, Postcode.

  • Title: Full Name

Previous address if less than 3 years at current address

  • Address, Town or City, County, Postcode.

Next of Kin Information

  • Address, Town or City, County, Postcode.

Income Status Information


  • Company Name

  • If applicable

  • Address, Town or City, County, Postcode.

Employer Contact Details

The person who can officially confirm your employment and salary

  • Work/Mobile

  • Your pay per year before tax & NI is deducted

Section Cc

Other Means of Income

If you have additional means of income other than Section Aa or Bb, fill in Section Cc also.

The Agent of Landlord will take copies of the relevant documents they need for their files to verify the income and additional income specified in his section.

Other Means of Income

Please fill in relevant sections applicable to you.

Unemployed & Additional Means of Income


Declaration & Authorisation

  • Under the Privacy Act 1993, you have the right to ask for a copy of all information held about you, and have the right to request the correction of any incorrect information.